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Customer Care

Customer Care Support 24*7 Chat us & email us at
Pirategothic Headquarter South Ex, Pitam-Pura,Connaught Place,Paschim vihar,GH-261 New-Delhi,India

Privacy & Safety

  • A tentative delivery date is given to you unless there is a delay in the delivery. In case of an early delivery, the same is intimated to you.

  • The company is not responsible for any loss incurred directly or indirectly (financially or otherwise) during the course of delivery of the products.

  • Unless a signed clause states about the delivery time and date, no pressure of delivery of the products may be put forth.

  • We expect you to keep yourself available at the time of the delivery of the goods. Your correct name, address and phone number is required.

  • In case we fail to deliver the Goods to you within the stipulated time period for unforeseen reasons by us or you, we are liable to you. This liability can be fulfilled by making available of a similar product in the market (the cheapest available product) within the price range.

  • 20-25 business days estimated delivery for the bulk/wholesale orders.

  • For first time orders we may deliver the Goods at the registered address of the card holder unless an alternative address is given. The orders thereafter may also be treated the same unless the alternative delivery address is provided.

  • The goods shall be under our custody in case you fail to take the delivery of the Goods. The charges for storage and other insurance policies shall be charged to you.

  • Outside UK customers are expected to bear the charges of customs and duties levied on the goods. The company is not responsible for delay in the goods. In case we comply with the charges, the claim of such will be made accordingly to you.


  1. Order cancellation


  • In the case of order cancellation, we shall refund the sum of amount paid towards the contract if it’s done before the dispatch.

  • For any order cancelled above the stipulated time and after the dispatch, the transit fees will be paid be the customer. The rest amount will be returned to you.

  • In case you want to cancel the order before the goods are dispatched reach us on ( at the earliest.


  1. Risk and Property

    • Unless the Goods were under our custody, any damages or loss will be chargeable to you if you fail to take the delivery of the Goods.

Wholesale Inquiries

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20-25 business days estimated delivery for the bulk/wholesale orders.

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Payment Methods

Payment Methods

Credit / Debit Cards

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