You'll be the most rascally rogue anyone has ever seen as soon as you put on this Cutthroat Pirate adult costume. Select your crew and head out together in search of booty, or set sail all by yourself for a real challenge. It may be a more difficult undertaking, but you won't have to split the treasure with any of your comrades. This dastardly costume comes with everything you need to be the terror of your Halloween party, including a black and white pirate shirt, red and black striped pants and a matching head tie, black boot covers, a black belt, and black wrist cuffs. The shirt and wrist cuffs both feature realistic lacing, and the shirt also features a tattered hem like you've been through a lot in your pirating career. Add an eye patch and a cutlass before setting sail to complete this intimidating look.



  • Pull-Over Top Has White Sleeves And Collar, And Lace-Up V-Neck, Striped Pants Have Elastic Waist, Faux Leather Lace-Up Arm Cuffs, Faux Leather Boot Tops, Faux Belt With Fabric Tie In Back, Red And Black Fabric Tie Headband



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