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Shipping Policy

The tentative dates are ever given to you on the confirmation of the order. However, in case of an early delivery, the same will be informed to you by emails. It applies too if there is a delay in the delivery of goods due to unforeseen reasons, our customer support will keep you informed about it.

  • Kindly note the company is not liable for any loss incurred during the transition of the delivery of the products (financially or otherwise).

  • No pressure may be enforced regarding the delivery of the products. Unless and until determined the delivery of the goods in written evidence of the right schedule.

  • The company has every right to charge for interests levied upon the goods due to insurance policies and storage amenities.

  • On any occasion, if we fail to deliver the right product on time due to unforeseen reasons or particular reasons, we are liable to you. In this scenario, we offer you a similar product (of the same price range) after getting your concern on it.

  • Unless stated the delivery address, the goods will be delivered to the registered address of the cardholder.

  • It is mandatory that in every order you may put forth your right address with phone number and email id.

Return & Exchange Policy

  1. Return Policies


  • If there is any defect in the goods, the same can be returned on arrival with the packing intact within seven days.

  • If you are dissatisfied with our products, you can return the goods within seven days provided the goods are retained in the same condition as it was at the time of delivery.

  • Please note, custom-made goods are not returnable. They are made as per your choice and needs. Hence the return of the same cannot take place.


  1. Refund Policies


  • The order will be deemed to be cancelled if there comes no reply from your end. At the moment such as this, the amount is refunded to your bank account.

  • All the prices stated are inclusive of the taxes except for the shipping charges. Shipping charges, or extra packing or gift wrapping charges are additional.


  1. Order Cancellation


  • In case the delivery does not take place within a stipulated time frame of 90 days or 3 attempts, whichever is earlier, we will refund the amount paid towards the contract directly to your bank account.

  • We also reserve the right of charging _______ towards handling charges and delivery fees.

  • We charge an amount of ________on every order cancelled above the stipulated time and __________ amount as transit fees.

  • In order to reach us at the earliest you can call us on _____________________ or write an email to _________________. Your queries will be solved in no time.

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